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Rent a Mobile Hotspot:
The Internet at your fingertips
All the family is connected in Israel without the need to rely on public Wifi or your cellular network.
Rent an Internet Spot for your trip to Israel for $8 a day.
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The service
Why chose Webbing for your trip to Israel:
  • Pick up and return at TLV airport
  • Comfort - Immediate secure connection anywhere without the need to rely on public Wifi networks.
  • Price - Cheaper than all the alternative solutions, perfect for a family.
  • Efficient - Connect up to 10 devices.
  • Fast - Internet speeds up to 60 Mbps.
What our clients think about us:
As an entrepreneur, the road to success is involved in many trips abroad. The cellular company’s packages are too expensive and chasing after free Wi-Fi is a waste of time and not secure. In the past year I use the Webbing Spot and it’s the first thing I pack before I go abroad…

During the past 6 months we had shows all over the world including London, Sydney, Beijing, Berlin and Rotterdam. When we land we need to start working immediately and there is no time to wait until we reach a hotel or a Café with free Internet service. The solution given by the cellular companies is too expensive and unstable. With Webbing I am always connected, everywhere in the world and the connection is strong enough to be able to connect the other band members and still work on my Laptop simultaneously.
We produce most of our ads abroad. There is a team of at least 10 production people on every trip who need to be connected to the Internet. Webbing connects us perfectly and sends me usage notifications to my mobile and email that I am always in control of what we spend and how much GB we are using.
Smoking Gun Production
I travel at least 10 times a year to Asia and its crucial for me to be connected to my work. Since I have my Webbing Spot in my laptop’s bag, everything is more simple. I connect from the moment I land and I always know how much its going to cost me. I almost forgot how difficult was it to connect my laptop before Webbing….
Global Construction
Our customers
Corporate customers who chose to use Webbing:
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